My Inspiration

One of the most frequently asked questions is where I find my inspiration. In fact this could be anywhere. I get inspired by nature and animals. By colors, spices, and certain food. By structures, skies, buildings, paintings and by my children. But most of what I create just happens in my head, using my imagination which allows me to think outside of the boundaries and possibilities in the real world.

Maybe you’d be interested in this amazing interview I had with the incredibly talented Sasha Frate – it’s definitely one of those interviews where I poured my heart and soul into every question.

Check it out here

I think I have never been more excited in my life about new technologies and developments in the digital world as I am now. What a time to be alive. When people started talking about the launch of the Internet, before it became what it is now, we could only dream about how it would affect our lives. The new digital world that is transforming at this moment, is something I can use my well-trained skill of imagination for. Imagine all these new technologies can bring so many new exciting opportunities. And this is not something we can just long for; it is all happening right here, right now. In my opinion, the new developments in the digital world happening today, will be a huge game changer not only for the art scene, but for many industries. This is something that inspires me a lot these days and I’m excited to be on this journey together with you witnessing it all.

With love,


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