When we reconnect, a love story..

Marcel van Luit seeks to leverage technological innovations not to further disconnect us from nature but to facilitate our reconnection with it.

Witness the beauty. Let it overwhelm you. Observe and absorb the intricate bond between humans, nature, and animals. Unleash your imagination, set your mind free, and allow nature to inspire you. 

In rekindling this connection, a love story unfolds.

Inspiration and influences

Animals and nature

Marcel van Luit is deeply committed to conservation efforts. Actively supporting numerous wildlife charities, he regularly donates both his art pieces and profits to these causes. Inspired by his deep connection with animals, they serve as his muses, and his philanthropy is a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the natural world.

Ancient Greek and Roman art

Van Luit is fascinated by ancient Greek and Roman art. Although his work is modern in many ways, he is deeply inspired by ancient and classical art. He loves to combine classical elements, hints to mythology and Roman and Greek sculptures with a modern color palette.


Van Luit's work is often described as modern surrealism. It's his way of exploring dreams, fantasies, and thoughts that are not bound by logic or reason. It serves as the perfect invitation for him to guide viewers into contemplating the connections between humanity, animals, and nature.