Iconic public spaces like Times Square in New York serve as perfect canvases for Marcel van Luit's art.  

Marcel van Luit's artwork is displayed in iconic public spaces such as Times Square, Oxford Street in London, Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam, and Miami Beach. 

Additionally, it takes center stage at the largest open-air exhibition in the Benelux region, featured on screens in key cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Knokke, and Gent. 

This serves as a powerful medium to convey his message about the vital need to reintegrate nature into our lives, particularly in sprawling urban landscapes where nature is not always readily accessible. Van Luit's mission is to foster a deep connection between people and nature, leveraging technology to remind us of the extraordinary animals that inhabit our world. Through his art, he seeks to rekindle a sense of wonder, admiration, and respect for the enchanting world that surrounds us.