London's calling:
Teaming up with Prince William to protect wildlife. 

Two and a half year ago Marcel was asked to create the movie poster for the documentary RHINO MAN, a feature-length documentary about the courageous field rangers who risk their lives every day to protect South Africa's rhinos from being poached to extinction.

Marcel van Luit created an art piece of ranger and hero Anton Mzimba, who tragically lost his live during the filming of the movie. On the evening of July 26th 2022, Anton was brutally murdered at his home in front of his family.... Read more.

Marcel van Luit's first sculpture:
Succesful launch party in Amsterdam!

On June 8th, Marcel van Luit unveiled his inaugural sculpture, 'All in my head,' at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.  The evening was an extraordinary event where he presented his latest artwork, marking the beginning of his new exhibition  titled 'When we reconnect, a love story.' The exclusive gathering was an invite-only affair, providing Marcel with an opportunity to share his vision and mission as an artist. The entire evening revolved around the theme of storytelling.... Read more.

The Art of Innovation:
How Marcel van Luit is redefining Contemporary Art

As a lover of contemporary art, I have always been fascinated by how artists push the boundaries of creativity, reviving traditional techniques and introducing new forms of expression. That is also how all of this started and we would like to give you a glimpse into how Marcel van Luit is redefining contemporary art and why his art pieces are worth seeing... Read more.