On June 8th, Marcel van Luit unveiled his inaugural sculpture, 'All in my head,' at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.
The evening was an extraordinary event where he presented his latest artwork, marking the beginning of his new exhibition
titled 'When we reconnect, a love story.' The exclusive gathering was an invite-only affair, providing Marcel with an opportunity to share his vision and mission as an artist. The entire evening revolved around the theme of storytelling. 

'All in my head' is an impressive 1.90-meter-tall sculpture, representing the head and brain of the artist himself. When people inquire about the secret to the recognizable signature in his works, Marcel often responds, "The true gold lies within my mind. While the techniques I employ to create my art could, in principle, be learned by anyone, the most valuable and irreplaceable aspect is what takes place within my head during the creative process."  This process has been visually captured in the grand sculpture, which is a centerpiece of his new exhibition 'When we reconnect, a love story.' 

The exhibition delves into how humanity has become increasingly disconnected from nature. We live in a time when children know more Pokémon names than names of wild animal species. Marcel emphasizes that being in contact with nature benefits both our bodies and minds, leading to the development of respect for nature from a young age, ultimately fostering attitudes and behaviors that contribute to its protection and preservation. A love for animals and nature often arises when a child spends significant time immersed in the natural world from an early age.  

The primary influence behind our collective detachment from nature appears to be the technological revolution, specifically the time we spend glued to our screens. Our phones, binge-watching TV series, and online shopping have replaced traditional sources of entertainment and recreation. Marcel aims to leverage these technological innovations to reconnect people with nature, rather than further alienating them from it.  

'All in my head' symbolizes Marcel's creative mind. In a world flooded with stimuli, we have grown blind to the wonders surrounding us—the nature, the ocean, the whispering wind—all of which nourish our minds. Waves of inspiration and creativity constantly wash over us; it is up to each individual to recognize and act upon them.  Marcel's sculpture serves as a poignant reminder to take notice of the beauty and inspiration that surrounds us, encouraging us to reconnect with nature and embrace the boundless creativity that lies within ourselves. Through his art and storytelling, he aspires to kindle a renewed appreciation and love for the natural world, fostering a collective commitment to its conservation and protection for future generations to cherish and enjoy.