Digital Framed Art Pieces

Looking for a real conversation piece to spice up your home or office?
We've got your covered as we are introducing our revolutionary Digital Framed Art Pieces, a fusion of technology and artistic vision.  
Born out of the immense popularity of Marcel's animations showcased in iconic public spaces such as Times Square New York, Art Basel Miami, and Frieze Art Fair in London, these digital screens are ready to hang on your wall. 

Unsatisfied with existing screens on the market lacking a high-end feel and color accuracy, we went on a mission to create a unique viewing experience. Our innovation lies in the development of a bespoke screen, meticulously designed to mirror the quality of our museum quality physical art pieces. Each screen is encased in a handmade wooden frame, identical to our acclaimed physical artworks.
The colors of van Luit's animations are faithfully reproduced, ensuring an immersive and authentic visual feast. 

Ready to grace your wall, our Digital Framed Art Pieces offer more than just one animation. With a user-friendly remote, you have the power to seamlessly switch between art pieces, allowing your space to evolve with your mood or interior design preferences. 
This unprecedented product is a testament to our dedication, taking years of optimization, testing, and refinement to bring this exceptional piece of art and technology into your hands. We take immense pride in presenting a product that is not yet available on the market in this distinctive form.  

Welcome to a new era of artistic expression and technological innovation.
Welcome to a new era of Marcel van Luit.

How it works

 Choose three of your favorite animated art pieces.

We will release only 20 screens for this collection!

With a remote control, you can switch easily between your three animated artworks.   

Let your choice of art depend on your mood or your interior design preferences.  

 Enjoy your innovative art experience!

Available animations







You can also commission a personalized animated artwork displayed on a framed animated art screen!